Otieno Kajwang’s Mapambano song should ring louder

BOMET COUNTY: The demise of Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’ is reverberating across the country. The late senator’s death is sending waves of sorrow that have gone beyond his county, beyond ODM party and beyond CORD and is touching all Kenyans because his political contribution is immense.

He did a lot on the political platform and his voice will always be remembered leading crowds in singing his favourite Mapambano chorus, a simple song that presents Kenya’s urgent need to continue fighting for liberty. To him, the changes that have occurred since Kenya’s independence in 1963 are piecemeal and he always wished that the country got more.

In the song, he calls upon all Kenyans to continue with mapambano and I believe he intends to ask us to take up their position strongly in terms of driving this country to greater heights of development instead of being used to run political errands that are often dirty, selfish and violent. Kenyans should know that Kajwang’s clarion call is still on and they need to continue ascertaining themselves in a positive and progressive way.

The song should rally us together to fight for a better life for all Kenyans and not for the few common figures that have always benefitted from government. Many people’s attention is on the Jubilee government hoping that they will focus more on bettering the people’s lives through long term strategies rather than perfecting Moi’s random freebies.

The opposition should focus on the voters’ plight and not their own selfish media glory. Tell governors to channel their energies into Wanjiku’s issues and not on creating their own small ‘kingdoms’ where poor women sing for them daily while their sons, bodaboda riders, escort the big man’s cars.

Rest in Peace Kajwang. Bado Mapambano!

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