Facebook romance lands teacher in trouble

Shock and glee engulfed a secondary school community in Bomet County after a strange woman tried to arm-twist a senior teacher into a marriage of sorts. The teacher, an acting deputy in the popular boys’ only school, is feared greatly by the students due to his discipline record and they have nicknamed him ‘Ketet’-the cheetah- in reference to the speed with which he pounces on wrong-doers.

Last week, Ketet had a rare visitor. A witness revealed that a strange woman arrived in school at around ten in the morning and asked for Ketet. The woman said to exhibit all signs of not being so young was cordially shown the deputy head teacher’s office by the school watchman who thought that she was in the school for official purposes.
However, the witness says, a ruckus was heard from the office a few minutes later. The woman had jumped on the teacher and tore off his shirt’s buttons while asking him why he had lied to her severally. 

Unanidanganya eh? Unanidanganya mimi eh? Leo utanijua!” she was heard shouting as she pulled him by the collar.

A few people ran into the office and pulled the woman out of the office at exactly the time when the boys were streaming out for break.

The hysterical screaming of the lady attracted the boys and when they realised that her target was the dreaded Ketet, they almost joined her to amplify her abuses.

The drama would have ended there but Ketet took advantage of the subdued lady and slapped her severally, probably in a bid to reassure those around that he was still ‘a man’. This backfired on him because the lady reported him to the police. Before the day ended, he had been summoned and the truth about their relationship came to the fore.

The two met on Facebook around the end of last year. They have been chatting on a daily basis since then and one thing had led to another.

Ketet told the police that after some time they exchanged phone contacts and then they decided to meet around February. They met again and again, and as usual, the man one day promised something akin to a marriage, though he has a wife and children at home.

At the police station, the lady revealed that she was expecting his baby and he had assured her of their future together, a claim Ketet vehemently denied.

Hii ni mambo ya facebook afande. Naomba mniachilie na nitafunga hiyo account leo leo,” Ketet was heard pleading.

Unfortunately for him, the woman had reported that he had assaulted her, which was true, and the Facebook story was just spicing things up.

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