Al-Shabaab suspect arrested in Wajir

Wajir, Kenya - The Government has acknowledged holding incommunicado a Madrassa teacher arrested on suspicion of links with Al-Shabaab in Wajir town.


Security personnel arrested Ali Duale Keynan on April 14 in Wagberi neighbourhood, according to County Commissioner Shadrack Shisia.

Mr Shisia said the security agents had been monitoring the movements of eight people, and when caught they were ordered to stop but started running.

seven flee

"We believe the suspect we have in custody was their co-ordinator. While the other seven people fled, the suspect was shot in the leg to immobilise him," he said, adding that they were pursuing the rest.

He said during pursuit, the arrested man handed his phone to one of the fleeing suspects.

"If they are innocent we don't see the need for them to defy orders to stop for a search," he said.

Mr Shisia said in the last one week they have arrested three "high voltage terror suspects". However, he declined to reveal where the State is holding the suspects.

The teacher's arrest caused his family much agony, and they expressed fear that he may have been executed.

His brother Ibrahim Keynan said that the suspect be taken to court or be released to be with his family.