CORD attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta premature, says legislator

President Uhuru Kenyatta. CORD has accused him of failure to fufil his promises to Kenyans.

Nairobi, Kenya: A CORD legislator has warned his colleagues against calls to impeach President Uhuru Kenyatta saying such a move would be premature and not in the interest of Kenyans.

Ford Kenya’s Nyamira senator, Monga’re Bwo’Okongo, instead urged the opposition to engage the Jubilee coalition in constructive and objective debate to provide alternatives to the raging insecurity in the country.

He said the debate would further ethnic balkanisation of the country, a year after the general election. The Ford Kenya senator faulted his fellow legislators as being too insensitive to the plight of Kenyans and the aftermath of the 2007 post-election violence.

“It is ridiculous to start debate to impeach the president. That would be premature and tantamount to reversing the gains this country has made. It is time we focused on the future and how as the opposition we can plot to democratically win an election,” Okong’o said.

He urged the opposition to concentrate in providing alternative policies and legislations that can help improve the lives of millions of Kenyans living in abject poverty.

“We are not doing what is expected of us as the alternative government. Trying to imagine that we can impeach the president is a matter that is misplaced and uncalled for. We have better ways through which we can advance our agenda,” the Nyamira senator said.

He called for decorum and sobriety in public debates, especially when addressing the president to uphold respect to established institutions.

“The institution of the presidency should not be a subject of ridicule, we have a duty and obligation to respect that office if we want to play any meaningful opposition,” he said even as he termed as unconstitutional the empowerment of county commissioners.