Colourful, spacious, what else in Lavington property?


NAIROBI, KENYA: Leafy suburbs located in the north-eastern parts of Nairobi, including Lavington, were for a long time the preserve of affluent individuals, with their enormous wealth manifested in the stylish bungalows.

Lately, however, various developments can be seen sprouting up in Lavington, which fall in Zone 5, an area that for decades, has been under a controlled development approach.

Developers have taken advantage of the easing of regulations. To help plug the gap in housing supply, they have put up lavish apartments.

One such development is Amboseli Apartments. Located in Lavington, this development comprises modern classy apartments targeting first-time and second-time buyers who are buying the housing units for investment purposes.

John Karanja, the property’s manager, says: “This development offers potential investors a chance to purchase units in an area with many potential tenants.”


Located on the boundary of Lavington and Kawangware Estate, this apartment is found on Amboseli Road off James Gichuru Road next to Hope Church Centre, seven kilometres away from the Central Business District (CBD). All roads leading to this prime property are tarmacked.

Residents at the property would not have to be worried about social amenities, as the apartments border Lavington Green, Valley Arcade and The Junction Mall. However, what they need to be worried about are the never-ending traffic jams on the Gitanga Road and Ngong’ Road.

The development consists of 55 two and three-bedroom units, which are complete and ready for occupation.

A three-bedroom unit is selling for Sh10.5 million (rent is Sh60,000 per month), while a two-bedroom unit goes for Sh9 million (rent is Sh45,000).

Exuding an alluring colourful exterior finishes, Amboseli Apartments has a well organised cabro-paved driveway and parking bay that ushers you into the three-storey building, which is accessed by staircases and each floor fitted with a fire extinguisher.


Interesting to note is that the walls inside the apartments are painted with matt emulsion, thus according a buyer the opportunity to repaint them using varied colour schemes they deem fashionable and matches their style.

Generally, however, the interior finishes of the apartments are rather casual with little in terms of unique features. The door is made of wooden panels that one would need to boost with extra security fittings.

The ceramics in the house would have been more appealing if they were more colourful.

For individuals who like spacious kitchens, this apartment would be an appropriate choice as the kitchen, fitted with granite work tops and wooden low and high level cabinets, has a storage room.

The lounges in this apartment are also spacious, with each fitted with a sizeable balcony with inbuilt wardrobes, dressing mirrors and a bathtub in the ensuite master bedrooms.

Another special feature of the apartment is that it is fitted with fibre optic connections and water heater.

Buyers are also assured of stable water supply because there is a 235,000-cubic litre underground water reservoir to supply the apartments. The power supply is solely provided by the Kenya Power.


Being located near Kawangware, one would be worried about their security, especially given Kawangware’s repute. However, the apartment block has a high perimeter wall, with a razor wire and around-the-clock security guards.

Roads leading to the apartment are also well lit.

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