Wabukala warns on governors, senators supremacy row

By Ngari Gichuki

Kenya: The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) has warned that the strained relations between governors and senators will undermine devolution.

Speaking to the Press, Archbishop Eliud Wabukala said the standoff between the two groups posed a serious threat to devolution.

“We are concerned that the devolution agenda is being negatively affected by individual political interests which are dividing counties. The issues between governors and senators are an apparent disrespect to the rule of law such as disregard of court orders which is a recipe for anarchy,” said Wabukala.

He also said it was worrying to see that most of the counties are yet to make progressive strides in their proposed development plans.

Wabukala called on counties’ leadership to shun petty politics and witch hunting so that they may focus on development agenda as the Central Government had already allocated significant tax payers’ resources to fund development.

The archbishop cautioned the national and county governments from heavily taxing citizens since the services offered were not commensurate with the money taxed.

He called for a downward review on taxation so as to reduce the burden on Kenyans at the grassroots and asked governors and county assemblies to sacrifice all their luxurious spending of county funds and channel more resources to development.

Rampant violence

On the current wage bill, Wabukala said it was unbearable and could not be sustained by the struggling economy hence called upon all Government arms to support the Salaries and Remuneration Commission in its effort to harmonise and rationalise pay in public service.

Wabukala also accused the political and community leaders of not doing enough to end the rampant violence that has over the years been experienced in Marsabit, Moyale, Turkana and West Pokot.

He said the Government should strengthen its security personnel in the areas and promote dialogue aimed at bringing long-term peace.

“Leaders should spearhead the process of ensuring peaceful co-existence rather than fueling conflict. The right to security is every citizen’s fundamental right enshrined in our Constitution and we therefore call upon the Government to curtail the worrying trend,” said Wabukala.

On issues touching on food security, education and corruption, he said that the Anglican church was committed in engaging the Government and institutions at the national and county levels to ensure that they were tackled for the prosperity of all Kenyans.