Horror on the red carpet as Golden Globes entrance flooded with sewage as stars begin to arrive for annual awards ceremony

Adapted from Daily Mail

It was a mad dash to scrub the red carpet ahead of Sunday's Golden Globes after a pipe burst, spewing liquid some say smelled of sewage across the pathway for the stars.

Black water gushed onto horrified members of the international press awaiting the arrival of Hollywood glitziest stars dressed in their finest gala attire.

The press fled from the spill as the Beverly Hills Fire Department rushed to the scene to clean up the smelly mess in front of Hollywood's famous Beverly Hilton Hotel.
An E! Television red carpet correspondent was among the disgusted press members who witnessed the unprecedented sullying of one of the world's most anticipated celebrity events.

'A pipe has appeared to totally bust and there is water gushing, literally everywhere in the position of where all of the international press – everyone has moved out of the way,' said Catt Sadler. 'Rain was not expected in LA today, but we've got a little flooding!'

The flooding was apparently more like a malodorous deluge.

'Sewage pipe break on red carpet at #GoldenGlobes so it’s not hot as s**t but it could smell like it today. Good times,' tweeted Access Hollywood's Billy Bush just after the disaster.
Ryan Seacrest took the opportunity to crack jokes about the last-minute nightmare that occurred just hours before the annually anticipated event.

'Could be bad for long gowns,' wrote the professional emcee, along with a picture of the fire fighters cleaning up the mess.