State has not banned night buses, says Cabinet Secretary


Kenya: The Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure engineer Michael Kamau has said the National Transport and Safety Authority will consider applications for night operations from public transport operators who have fully complied with the set regulations.

Kamau said long distance night passenger service vehicles were required to be registered so that they can be allowed to operate from or after 6pm together as stated in the National Transport and Safety Act of 2013.

“The Government has not banned long distance night travel, all that is required is for those planning to transport passengers at night to comply with the set rules and register for a special licence that will only cost Sh3000 for each vehicle. So we urge all Sacco’s and bus companies to register their vehicles to get licensed so that they may continue with their operations as usual,” said Kamau. He was speaking at a Press conference at the Ministry of Transport’s offices in Nairobi.

According to the Act, after being licensed, operators of a night long distance passenger vehicles should only employ drivers certified by the authority, ensure that drivers work for a maximum eight-hour shift and get a break of similar hours. In addition, journeys should be planned in a manner that allows a 30 minutes break for drivers and passengers after every 3-4 hours.