High cost of living to dampen Christmas


NAIROBI, KENYA: Inflation and the general rise in the cost of living are factors likely to dampen the Christmas mood this year.

In a report released by Ipsos Synovate, 75 per cent of Kenyans who took part in the survey feel they will have to spend more money on less goods compared to last year.

But despite the current cost of living, 71 per cent of those interviewed stated that they would still visit shopping centres and malls as opposed to 41 per cent who cited lack of money and high prices as their main obstacles to Christmas shopping.

The report also indicates that terror activities and recent security lapses recently witnessed in the country will not deter Kenyans from visiting and congregating in public areas.

“The visible increase in security measures encourages Kenyans to feel safe, also, most preferred places to be visited still remain to be the malls and supermarkets which were expected to be shunned,” said the report.

For those who will visit shopping malls, they will be going to various supermarkets such as Nakumatt (15 per cent), Naivas (12 per cent), and Tuskys (11 per cent), among others.

In the report, going to church has been cited as the most preferred Christmas activity ahead of sending Christmas messages, buying gifts and travelling, with 88 per cent indicating they will attend Christmas mass.