ICC grants Ruto one week break after Westgate terror attack

By FELIX OLICK at The Hague

Deputy President William Ruto is on his way to Kenya after the trial Chamber accepted to adjorn his case at The Hague for one week.
The Judges allowed Ruto to return home following the bloody terrorist attack at Westgate mall Saturday.

“The Chamber does excuse Mr. Ruto from the proccedings for the moment. The excusal is permitted for one week only subject to further request,” Ruled the bench.

However, Ruto lead counsel Karim Khan has already requested for at least two weeks to deal with what they term as ‘the aftermath of the tragedy’.

However, the prosecution team has vehemently opposed the request for an adjornment for more than one week.

The Chamber is expected to rule on wether Ruto would be excussed for more than one week in the next 30 minutes.

On Sunday, Ruto made an application to the three judge panel to be allowed to retun to Kenya citing the terrorist attack at Westgate