Criminal Investigations Department stalling big car fraud case – victims

By Austine Okande and David Odongo

Nairobi, Kenya: Police have been accused of stalling a case in which a city businesswoman and her husband have allegedly conned 60 people of Sh34 million in a car purchase scam.

The 60 people include Kenya Defence Forces soldiers, Criminal Investigations Department officers and two prominent media personalities.

Documents in our possession show, that individuals linked to a company known as Kijelim Enterprises allegedly swindled the 60 of Sh34,256,470 in four months.

A woman convinced their victims to deposit money into her account so she could import vehicles for them from Japan.

The deal has left the soldiers and other victims with bank loans which they are still servicing up to date. 

The defrauded group had last year taken the businesswoman and her husband to court, but the case is yet to be heard.

“We have had series of meeting with the DCIO Nicholas Kamwende but to date we have not received any information about the case, while my clients are suffering,” the victims’ lawyer Benson Mulimo told The Nairobian.

“I am only assuming that key state officers, who are handling our complaints have been compromised, from the people at the Judiciary to the investigating officers. I have served both (woman’s name wititheld) and her husband with demand letter but she has never replied.”

The reports were made at Central Police and Nairobi Area police stations but the lawyer said the police and CID have slowed investigations.

While confirming that he received the case, Nairobi DCIO Nicholas Kamwende said: “The case is still on despite the delays, which is attributed to its international nurture. We are very close to something and the victims should expect to hear from us very soon.”

Director of the Criminal Investigations Department Muhoro Ndegwa said he will get back to us on the progress of the case.

Deputy CID Director Mohamed Amin said: “I have never received any information relating to such case and have no such file.”

When contacted, the businesswoman, who has since closed down her offices at Gilfilan House claimed Interpol is handling the case and she cannot comment.

Ten minutes after the call with her, a man who later identified himself as her husband called, said he was worried that publishing this story would malign their name. The woman is said to be currently living in Ngong.

In a sworn affidavit in our possession, one of the victims, Joseph Kamau of the Kenya Air Force, says he lost Sh738,930.