MPigs not taken for ‘grunted’ at care home


The 30 piglets and a sow recently used in a protest against MPs’ pay demands are happy and healthy, a charity has reported.

The pigs are clean and are feeding well on a new diet, the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA) told The Nairobian on May 22.

KSPCA adopted the pigs and gave them a new home after they spent a day amidst protesters and riot police, licking blood outside Parliament on May 14.

The demonstrators ferried the swines to Parliament to symbolise MPs’ greed.

They inked the names of unpopular MPs on bodies of the pigs, which have attracted the attention of the international press.

The animal charity has told The Nairobian they have so far cleaned the pigs although they have encountered a problem.

The inscription ‘Linturi’ and others on the chubby pig’s body, have refused to come off.

“We have since washed, dewormed and vaccinated the mother pig and her 30 piglets. And it is only the sow which bears the names of Members of Parliament that still has the paintings,” Jean Gilchrist, the director and founder of KSPCA said. Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi sparked public anger when he proposed a Motion for the disbandment of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission. It is thought the name on the pig refers to him, and his colleagues.

Gilchrist said the organisation feeds the pigs on cabbages and kales.She said they have also received food from hotels for the animals.

Seventeen activists, including blogger Boniface Mwangi, have been taken to court over the protest.

They are charged with breach of peace by pouring bloody substance at the gate of Parliament.

Other allegations by police against them include, taking part in a riot by blocking Harambee Avenue, causing fear to motorists and cruelty of animals by confining the pigs in Parliament.

The activists are out on Sh10,000 bail and Sh20,000 bond.

Gilchrist said KSPCA will be hosting the pigs until the court makes its ruling on the case against the activists.



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