Waiguru rolls out mental health programme to curb suicide cases

Kirinyaga county government has rolled out mental health programme to curb rising cases of suicide.  

Speaking during the burial of Wasafi Boda Boda, chairman Isaac Njagi alias Muthii in Ndindiruku Mwea, Governor Anne Waiguru said mental illness must be addressed to avert unnecessary deaths.  

Waiguru announced that all health facilities handle mental illness.  

"Mental health is a big problem across the country that must be sorted to save lives and end this worrying trend," she said.  

The governor attributed increased cases of suicide among men in Kirinyaga to mental health arising from depression and family pressure.  

Waiguru said the mental health programme involves training and deploying counselors to all medical facilities.  

“Our health facilities have enough counselors who are ready to guide individuals and couples, if one feels overwhelmed by thoughts or suspects a family member to be depressed, kindly take them for counseling,” she said.  

The governor asked residents to moderate their expectations and reduce unnecessary pressure in life to avoid mental illness.  

“I want to ask youth, especially young men, to speak out when they have an issue, let's join social groups, and engage in sports activities. They help you relieve the pressure and get guidance,” she said.  

Mwea MP Mary Maingi also asked men to speak out to get help instead of taking their lives.

Maingi asked young men not to give up in life saying there are many opportunities awaiting them. 

The county has recorded an increase in suicide cases with most of them attributed to family disputes.