Boy stabbed to death in circumcision ceremony

Eric Ciira bled to death after allegedly being stabbed by his 17-year-old friend. [iStockphoto]

A circumcision celebration turned tragic on Monday night when a new initiate was allegedly killed by his friend in Kamirithu village, Limuru Sub-county. 

Eric Ciira bled to death after allegedly being stabbed by his 17-year-old friend. According to witness accounts, an argument broke out between Ciira and his friend before the assailant rushed to his nearby rental house and returned armed with a kitchen knife.

The attacker reportedly stormed Ciira's house and stabbed him in the chest, killing him instantly. 

Screams rent the air as desperate friends cried for help, attracting villagers who came in droves.

Ciira was rushed by well-wishers to a nearby dispensary where he was pronounced dead o arrival.

According to Ciira's father Paul Muhia, his son had already healed and the family was preparing to receive him.

Muhia said the tragedy has ruined Christmas plans for the family. 

Limuru Sub-county police boss Eileen Mola said the suspect was apprehended. 

“We will take him to court and ask to detain him for more days so that we can complete investigations," said Mola.