Sick pervert brags of having sex with a minor online

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) yesterday rallied behind #ArrestMohammedAlfayoNow, after he bragged on Facebook for having sex with a standard four pupil.

The man with the user name Mohammed Alfayo, posted the selfie of the minor and himself in the bush captioning it ‘Today I had sex in the bush with a standard four gal (sic).’

KOT picked it up and distributed the posted agitating for the arrest of the man, many terming him as a sick pervert. The twitter community had a unanimous conclusion- Mohammed Alfayo should be languishing in a jail cell already.  

The man's Facebook posts are full of sexual connotations, revealing a man with a devilish taste for sex and shockingly unafraid to tell the world. 

What remains is what the police will do to ensure that the pedophile is arrested and justice done.

Where the famed twitter community failed though is the distribution of the image of the minor. They should have accorded the minor some sense of privacy.