Machage’s will was to have his body buried next to his late mother, family says

The late Kenya High Commissioner to Nigeria Wilfred Machage will be buried according to his last wishes.

His body will be interred next to his late mother at his Kehancha home in Migori County.

The late ambassador’s eldest son, Stephen Machage revealed that some time back, Machage issued clear directions that he be buried close to his mother, and his wife is buried by his side when she dies.

Furthermore, Machage issued direction that everything he owned is handed over to his wife, Claris Machage.

“He was clear on where he wants to be buried. We are going to execute his wishes. He didn’t have any controversies,” Machage’s son said, adding that his father was a very open-minded person and prepared them for his death.

The family described the deceased as a straightforward person who never beat around the bush, a very forgiving person and never kept grudges for long, lived a free life and was wise in his own rites.

The family noted that Machage believed in hard work, was a unifying person, an entrepreneur in his own ways and has several estates in the country and outside Kenya.

He was further described as someone who loved taking photos, a good mechanic who would fix cars in his active years, loved playing musical instruments, with cordial which he would use to play for his grandchildren every Christmas being his favorite.

According to his family, Machage collapsed in front of his wife at his home in Abuja, Nigeria and died when he was being rushed to hospital.

The family said he died of natural course.

Machage who died at 65 is said to have had a long term heart condition which he managed over the years.

The ambassador served as Migori's first Senator in the 11th Parliament.

He was appointed to Head Kenya’s Mission in Abuja in January 2018 and announced his retirement from active politics a few months after his appointment.

Machage was first elected to Parliament in 2002 as Kuria constituency MP.

He served his second term after winning in the 2007 elections when he vied under the Democratic Party ticket.

In 2013, Machage vied for the Senate seat and won.

On behalf of the family, the son told the Standard that burial plans were underway as his father’s body was still in Nigeria.

“The country is in its final process of finishing the diplomatic procedures,” he said.

The state is also making arrangements to bring the body to the country and it has already arranged for a plane that will bring his body home because there is no direct flight to the country from Abuja.

According to Machage, the ambassador’s body might be flown to Nairobi from Abuja on the night of February 24.

“We expect mzee on Thursday night if all goes well,” he stated.

His body will be then taken to Lee Funeral Home and a church service held on Monday next week in Nairobi.

The body will then be transported to Kehancha either on that day or on Tuesday.

The burial will take place on Wednesday next week or any day within the week.

According to the son, the family would want to bury the late ambassador as early as possible as he never liked funerals that extend for a long time.

“We would not want the burial to go to the next week.  That would be his wish to be buried as early as possible. We will try as much as possible to make sure his wish is carried out,” Machage’s son said.