Former AFC Chairman and current Nairobi City County Assembly Speaker Alex Ole Magelo at a press conference at Beoulevard Hotel. [Photo: Jonah Onyango, Standard]

Former AFC Leopards football club chairman Alex ole Magelo has written to the International Football governing body (Fifa) to seek clarification on the current state of football in Kenya.

This comes a few days after Fifa expressly stated that it does not recognise the Sports Dispute Tribunal (SDT) as an arbiter hence making its decisions in matters regarding football null and void.

In his letter, Magelo questioned the legality of Football Kenya Federations’ (FKF) current national executive committee.

“What is the legal premise of extending the term of the FKF National Executive Committee considering that Fifa itself wrote to FKF and insisted that they must hold elections within their term which would expire on February 10, 2020 or not later than the end of March 2020?,” posed Magelo

“At what point did Fifa change its position on the jurisdiction of the SDT on football matters in Kenya, considering that it is on record, vide a letter to FKF that advised them to adhere to the directives of the SDT ruling and even required the federation to furnish Fifa with a record of engagement with stakeholders in the lead up to organising fresh elections after the SDT had nullified the exercise vide its December 3, 2019 ruling?” read the letter.

Magelo then faulted Fifa for implying that SDT has no jurisdiction whatsoever while the body is recognised by Kenya's constitution.

Magelo sought to clear the air on the purchase of the Outside Broadcasting (OB) van.

He told Fifa’s chief Member Associations Officer Veron Mosengo-Omba to clarify his role and position in the OB van scandal.