Magoha defends CBC, says 2021 examinations are ready


Education CS George Magoha cuts a tape to commission a newly constructed CBC classroom at Mukunike Secondary School in Kangundo. [Erastus Mulwa, Standard]

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has dismissed calls to disband the new Competency-Based Curriculum.

Prof Magoha told off politicians calling for the scrapping of CBC, saying the Government will not engage reverse gear in its implementation.

The CS also said preparations for the upcoming national examinations are complete, adding that the tests are ready.

He, however, maintained that the decision to merge examination centres with small numbers of candidates will be enforced to optimise the use of security officers and personnel manning the centres.

Magoha said the government had this year reduced the number of examination centres by 643.

“We made the decision after wide consultations and we agreed we will consolidate the small schools so that we have at least 30 learners in the smallest centres,” said Magoha.

He said the idea was informed by the fact that the security of the examination was being compromised, and there was inadequate security agents to man all centres.

Special consideration

Magoha reassured that schools that are spread far apart will be given special consideration to ensure candidates don’t walk long distances to write their examinations.

“If schools are spread more than 5km or so, as is the case in arid areas, we have reassured them that we are not going to allow our children to walk more than 3km,” he said. Magoha spoke after commissioning a CBC classroom at St Mary’s Mukunike Secondary School in Kangundo, Machakos County. According to the revised education calendar, 2021 KCPE examinations are scheduled to be done between March 7 and 10. And KCSE examinations will be done between March 11, 2022, and April 1, 2022.

KNEC data shows that 2,056,719 candidates registered to sit the March national examinations. Of these, 1,225,693 will sit KCPE while 831,026 will write KCSE exams.

Magoha dismissed those pushing for the printing of examination materials locally, saying it could lead to serious irregularities.

“Those who are so keen in printing the examinations locally should be honest with themselves. At this time, our integrity status as a nation is till wanting and even our political leaders should know this. They should stop making too much noise. I am just doing what I must do,” said Magoha. The CS declared that the new education system will proceed as scheduled, and asked politicians to keep off its implementation.