Motorists to pay more as fuel prices go up in latest review

Motorists will have to dig deeper into their pockets for the next 30 days as fuel and kerosene prices rose in the latest the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) review announced on Friday.

Kerosene went up by Sh18.20 per litre while Super Petrol and Diesel prices rose by Sh3.47 and Sh2.46 respectively.

In Nairobi, a litre of Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene will now retail at Sh103.95, Sh94.63 and Sh83.65 respectively.

In Mombasa, a litre of petrol will retail at Sh101.57, diesel Sh92.26 and kerosene at Sh81.29.

And in Kisumu, a litre of Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene will sell at Sh104.62, Sh95.49 and Sh84.54 respectively.

The new prices will take effect from Saturday, August 15 until September 14.

"The changes in this month's prices are a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol increasing by 14.18 per cent from UDS279.58 (Sh30,278.51) per cubic metre in June 2020 to USD319.23 (Sh34,572.60) per cubic metre in July 2020; Diesel increasing by 10.30 per cent from USD302.15(Sh32,722.84) per cubic metre to USD333.27 (Sh36,093.14) per cubic metre and Kerosene increasing by 127.87 per cent from USD126.39 (Sh13,688.03) per cubic metre to USD288.01 (Sh31.191.48) per cubic metre," said EPRA.

From the beginning of the year, the highest prices were seen in the period between February 15 and March 14, when Super petrol and diesel prices rose by Sh3.37 and Sh2.13 respectively. Petrol retailed at Sh112.87 in Nairobi and Sh110.40 in Mombasa while Diesel sold for Sh104.45 and Sh101.98 in Nairobi and Mombasa respectively.

Kerosene, however, went down by Sh1.26 during that time frame. It was at its highest in January 15 to February 14 where prices Jumped by Sh1.64 per litre to retail at Sh103.95 in Nairobi, Sh101.91 in Mombasa and Sh104.56 in Kisumu.

Fuel prices were at their lowest in the period between May 15 and June 14, 2020. Super Petrol, Diesel prices decreased by Sh9.54 per litre and Sh19.19 per litre respectively.

Super petrol retailed at Sh83.33 in Nairobi, Sh80.85 in Mombasa and Sh84.19 in Kisumu.

Kerosene however increased by Sh2.49 per litre in that period. It was at its lowest between April 15 and May 14 where it decreased by Sh18.0 per litre; retailing at Sh77,28 in Nairobi, Sh74.82 in Mombasa and Sh78.27 in Kisumu.

Since then, fuel prices have continued to rise steadily.

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