Tips on selecting and decorating a meditation corner that calms you down

Life can get so hectic and fast paced that it drains you. To counter this, create a meditation corner in your home or office where you can quieten your spirit, calm down and reconnect with yourself.

This can be a balcony, a nook in the library, a corner in your terrace, a hammock or even a corner in your closet, if you are tight on space!

Below are ideas on creating such a space:

Identify the space where you want to create a meditation corner.

An enclosed place works out well.

Label your space or create a signal that you are entering a special place.

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A plaque, poem or a gate can signal that you have entered thinking space or resting space.

Create a focal point such as a plant or fountain. A natural based focal point will help you connect with mother nature.

Elements of nature

Add objects you love and add blissful colours to your space. These can include family photos that bring back happy moments, flowers or candles, a musical instrument, and a peaceful painting. 

Less is more when creating your meditation corner. If space is limited, consider floating shelves to place your items so that your space is not crowded. 

Have a place where one can sit, either a floor cushion or a unique eye catching chair.

Consider covering the floor with a rug or mat so one can stay barefoot or sit cross legged.

Avoid work related items such as laptops and mobile phones. Using nature-based items such as a rattan sofa, woven textured tapestry throws and rugs and baskets will help you calm down.

Spending just five minutes in your meditation serene nook can restore your mind and body.

Be still, meditate and dream. Be quiet, pause and contemplate.

To enhance your meditation corner you can add multi-sensory experience so that you have pleasant scents, sounds and sights and textures for you to experience tranquility that leaves you feeling calmer and more balanced.  

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