Coffee worth Sh6 million stolen in Murang’a

A factory in Murang’ a lost coffee estimated at Sh 6 million after a gang struck on Tuesday.

The gang suspected to be using a lorry stole over 150 bags of coffee from the stores and drying tables at Gathinja factory in Kahuro Sub County.

The factory affiliated to Kahuhia farmers’ cooperative society is the third to lose parchment of coffee, as the local county commissioner Mohammed Barre issued an advisory over the looming coffee theft.

Farmers led by Edwin Matiba blamed the management committee over the loses as information on impending theft had been volunteered.

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The farmers learnt of the incident shortly at around 5 am long before the thugs left.

Matiba said the management contravened county security committee directive not to store coffee in bags without notifying the nearby police.

“The management should be forced to pay for the loss as this is a pure inside job that the police should investigate,” said Matiba.

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Kahuro acting deputy County commissioner Amos Nyansoro said the matter will be investigated and bring the culprits to book.

In the past one month, factories in Murang’ a that have suffered the loss are Geitwa and Kiawanduma factories in Kiharu and Mathioya sub-counties.

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In an advisory, the factories have been warned against stocking more than 150 bags of coffee at one time, without notifying the local police and chiefs.

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