Police swoop on Mombasa-Nairobi highway nets 200 vehicles

At least 200 vehicles were impounded and 100 drivers arrested in a police crackdown on public service vehicles.

The crackdown was carried out yesterday by a multi-agency team in Changamwe and targeted vehicles using the Mombasa-Nairobi highway.

Hundreds of learners going back to school and workers returning to work after Christmas and New Year festivities were caught up in the crackdown that began at 4am yesterday.

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Students were, however, allowed to continue with their journey using alternative means.

At some point, drama ensued as drivers jumped out of moving vehicles to dodge police dragnet.

The operation paralysed transport for hours as vehicles were towed to Changamwe police station.

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The team

The team was led by Changamwe police boss Issa Mohammed, his deputy Reverent Murinzi and dozens of police officers from the traffic department.

Mr Mohammed said most of the vehicles impounded had been turned into PSVs yet they were not licensed to operate as one.

Out of the 200 vehicles intercepted, 30 were long-distance trailers and lorries, which were being used to ferry passengers.

“We have intercepted the vehicles and lorries which were ferrying passengers instead of goods. The drivers have violated PSV regulations hence endangering their lives and those of the passengers. They will be charged in court,” said Mohammed.

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