Roadside car wash destroying roads

As I traveled through Migori, to Kisii and Bomet counties, my attention was caught by hardworking young men eking out a living washing cars, by the roadside. 

In as much as I laud their ventures, I was equally disturbed at the manner they have been allowed to discharge affluent waste and chemicals into the roads, some finding its way into local rivers.

The raw chemicals they discharge on the roads have contributed to the speedy deterioration of the state of our roads, as strong soapy chemical liquid rapidly dissolves the tar, causing the road surface to disintegrate.

The earnings accrued from those businesses cannot equal the extensive damage on the roads.

As mentioned above, the said toxic matter finds its way downstream, right into our body systems. Some chronic intestinal problems on the rise can be attributed to the contaminated raw water we consume, particularly by rural folks, where people still depend on stream water branching from local rivers.

As you enter Kisii town, near Gusii polytechnic, you are greeted by huge gullies, created by heavy discharge of water from a nearby car wash.

Not only are they destroying roads but vehicles are dented and traffic is halted, as motorists skillfully navigate their vehicles on the huge potholes, to save their cars. I am appealing to the National Environment Management Authority and other stakeholders to force car wash points to ensure they streamline their discharge responsibly.

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 Those discharging dirt and chemicals on our roads and into our water systems must be arraigned in court and charged accordingly. This is a business that does not seem to be regulated. 

Letter to the Editor from Nyatado Odhes, Migori

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