Stylish coffee stations for a welcoming feel

Hospitality is highly valued. It, therefore, makes of sense to have a coffee station whether it is in the office or at home.

Find a happy spot for your coffee station. This can be as sophisticated as a coffee machine or percolator.  Installing a water to tap to fill the coffee maker will be convenient. 

The coffee machine can be placed on a kitchen, bedroom or living room counter, or alternatively a customised cabinet.

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Whether with open shelves or made with pocket doors, lighting the cabinet will help you brew your coffee, specifically at the station without needing to light up the entire room.

You can also look for unique under-utilised spaces like under the stairs or awkwardly shaped corners where you can put a coffee bar and sink. Marble countertops and tile backsplash will help to easily clean spills and splashes. 

A floating shelf helps to store coffee cups and accessories while freeing the counter- top clear to provide adequate working area. For affordability, one can use a brass shelving above the coffee maker to store the coffee and its condiments.

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Add a burst of colour to theme your coffee area. This can be a red colour of ripe coffee beans that will also stimulate appetite for your beverage or consider using colours such as green, yellow or blue or whatever else brings out your personality.

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