I make Sh1,000 daily selling bones and scrap metal

David Nyutu, 40
I collect various kinds of scrap materials as well as bones which I sell to dealers and ornament makers.

The scrap includes metal, glass bottles, plastics and old shoe soles.

I sell to other collectors because I move around on foot and carrying everything on my back is tiring, especially when my competitors have motorbikes and bicycles.

Licensed scrap traders also prefer buying from dealers who can deliver in bulk of at least 50 kilograms, and not in piecemeal quantities.

Dealing with scrap has its downside including numerous stops by police on suspicion of handling stolen items.

At times I’m locked up but I usually stand my ground, and get released unconditionally when no complainant comes forward.

In the case of bones, if they are not dry enough or have bits of meat still sticking on them, I spread them at my backyard to dry but stray dogs often carry them off.

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I have had numerous odd jobs, and still do a few on the side, with some paying little more than what scavenging for scraps nets even on a bad day. 

The most I can make is Sh1,000 on a good day with the minimum at about Sh400.

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