Man earns Sh5,000 daily from re-selling used items

I owned a hotel business for a couple of years, but when it began underperforming due to several challenges, I changed business lines.

I got into selling used household items and appliances. I’ve done this for the last nine years and I can say it’s been a consistent business in terms of returns.

I buy and resell a variety of household items, ranging from furniture to electronic appliances and farming items.

Many of those doing an overhaul of their houses or disposing items they no longer need would rather sell them at discounted rates rather than have them cluttering their houses.

Charles Mburu, 40
However, I have to do due diligence before buying anything to ensure I’m not dealing with stolen goods.

One way of verification is making physical visits and inspecting the items at the source from would-be sellers, rather than having the products brought to me.

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There’s no lack of buyers for used items as most people find them cheaper.

However, customers can sometimes express a desire to buy an item of interest, negotiate the price down and leave promising to return with the agreed amount but never show up.

For this reason, a deposit or a down payment is usually mandatory to secure such an item.

Also, sometimes I sell everything within days and then go for a while without finding new stock.

When sales are good, I make Sh5,000, but on slow days, I can go home with as little as Sh500.  

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