Décor tips for incorporating chequered fabrics

There is something so cosy about using chequered fabric in your living space even though they are perceived as a little out of style. The one absolute rules for chequered material is that it should be used sparingly. When used correctly, plaids, as they are sometimes called, will add a cabin, country feel to the ambience that will get your guests and family members gravitating around that space. Here are some ways for effectively using chequered fabrics in your décor:

Valance only plaids

This is where the chequered fabric is only used on the valance or skirting around a curtain box or used on a rod. The rest of the fabric accompanying the plaids should be plain fabric in a colour complementing or contrasting the skirting. Use solid colours rather than printed fabrics to accompany the chequered fabric so that the plaids pop out.

Border only plaids

A second alternative is to use plaids on the side borders of a curtain fabric. This concept also works well in children’s bedrooms, kitchens, dinners and laundry areas where the minimalist use helps the concept not to get overbearing. Plaids come in masculine colours such as black and white or feminine colours like pink and yellow. The greens and reds can be use in gender neutral spaces.  Red cheques are particularly appealing for kitchens and dining areas. Red and orange can add warmth to your space and stimulate appetite. Restaurants use such colours to get you eating more. If that is not your objective, you may want to settle for cooler colours like greens and blues.

Accessories only cheques

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For those who desire short-term commitments on décor, adding a few accessories could solve your problems. Include plaids in pillows, napkins, dish clothes and table runners or even serviettes. The size of plaids matters. Use smaller plaids for smaller spaces and larger plaids for bigger spaces so your chequered remain in proportion to your room.

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