Officials: Demolished buildings in Kisii were hideouts for criminals

A bulldozer brings down buildings along Nyakomisaro River in the outskirts of Kisii town on 24/4/2019. (Photo Sammy Omingo, Standard)
Some of the unfinished houses and structures demolished by the government in Kisii on Wednesday have for long been used a hideout for rapists, drug peddlers and robbers.

The officers involved in the demolition said that some of the suspected criminals who been under the police watch could not even be available to rescue their properties from the demolished structures.

Of concern are five iron sheet houses that were built along the Kisii University road and outside Kisii National Polytechnic gate where drug peddlers have been hiding, selling drugs to suspected students.

The officers conducting the exercise told the Standard that some of the rooms that were built less than a meter from the river line and now demolished, had only beddings.

Along River Nyakomisaro, which is adjacent to the two learning institutions, more than 300 rooms, both permanent and temporary, were brought down.

Raw sewage from the structures has for years been discharging to the river which is a source of water for Kisii town residents and those in the neighbouring County of Migori.

Other structures brought down in day two of the demolitions include two car wash that were put up by the County Government at Draja Moja area as a means of empowering the youth and creating employment. More than 100 youths who have been operating at the area now jobless.

Kisii County Executive Committee Member in charge of Lands and housing John Billy Momanyi told the Standard that he will work together with his Environment and URAL Resources counterpart to plant indigenous trees along the reclaimed riparian land.

“This is a multi-agency work but once they handover the reclaimed land to the County Government we will definitely carry out public participation and have different groups plant indigenous tress along the river. Our happiness and that of many other locals including the next generation is that we have safe drinking water.”

Water and Environment Executive Skitter Ocharo said they have had issues with private developers who have continued to interfere with natural resources and the environment. “It is unfortunate that people living downstream are using contaminated water thus exposing themselves to risks of water-borne diseases.”

“We have established a working formula and a time-frame on how to improve the reclaimed riparian land, all we need is support from locals.”

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