How to spend within your budget this holiday season

Most people take time off work during holidays and this comes with great benefits. Research shows that people’s mental performance and overall health tend to improve during long work breaks as they get enough sleep and engage in recreation activities.

Some people, however, freak out when they see holiday season approaching. All that comes to their mind are the previous negative experiences of overspending. Nonetheless, a holiday season doesn’t have to leave a hole in your pocket. You can spend within your budget through proper planning.

Plan in advance

Planning will help you avoid financial stress after the holiday. Overspending during the holiday may leave you with worries about how to meet pending bills such as paying rent or renewing your driver’s license.

We have heard tales of people who overspend money while on vacation only to end up calling friends to send them fare back home because they are stuck. Don’t be those people; plan your finances well and track your holiday expenditures. With a smartphone, you can download an app from the Internet that can help you track your expenses in real-time.

Most importantly, set a budget that covers only the most important things you’d need. Instead of drinking that overpriced wine, you can buy gifts for your family or friends and make those around you happy.

Do your research

If part of activities is travelling, you’ll have to try get information on the places you’ll be visiting. Research entails knowing the rates say of the hotels you’ll stay in and whether you can make advance booking.

You’d also want to check out reviews about the places you will visit. If you want value for your hard-earned cash, don’t book hotels or visit places with bad reviews because you’ll be greatly disappointed.

If you intend to stay in a hotel or use a flight during the season, take time to compare prices that would enable you go for the best deals.

Go for cheaper options

You don’t have to travel out of the country or to visit expensive places to celebrate a holiday. You can opt for normal activities that are equally satisfying. Watching a movie at home or inviting your friends for Nyama Choma or a dance party are among the many options that you can choose from. Be creative!

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