My Hustle: How I earn a living from bike repairs

John Njenga, 40
I’m a motorbike and bicycle mechanic. I have been doing repair works for ten years now. I began repairing bicycles but the booming boda boda operations saw some of the motorbike operators seek my repair services.

Having no experience in motorbike repairs, I took a short mechanical apprenticeship course to understand the dynamics of motorcycle operating systems and how to fix problems in order to stay relevant in the market.

It is a competitive hustle as there are others in the business. What, however, keeps customers coming is offering good services and charging fairly.

Other than competition, there are few hurdles like county council authorities’ harassment even after complying with the stipulated rules and having all required licences.

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At times, customers run away without paying or pay some amount with a promise to clear the outstanding amount, but never honour their pledges.

Sometimes when I move operating locations, some regular customers are inconvenienced. However, it is not often I have Changed operating places.

Other than doing repair works, I sell bicycle and motorcycle accessories to supplement the income. On a good day, I make from Sh1,000. On slow days, I take home as low as Sh500. 

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