Get creative with basket storage ideas

Baskets provide aesthetic storage space for toys, bathroom supplies and linen to help keep items in place while providing a specific space for them.
Baskets can be used around the home for aesthetic yet functional storage. Here are a few ways you can use baskets for storage.


There is usually a portion of your bookshelf that just cannot keep tidy. Find baskets to store the frequently used books that can become easy culprits for disarray.

Baskets help to keep the shelf tidy and limit the movement of books from being strewn around. Placing multiple same-style baskets make for an attractive display when placed on a shelf, creating a sense of unity and harmony with their uniformity.


If you have children in your home, then you might regularly find your floors sprawled with toys. A great way to teach the children to tidy up is to label various baskets with pictorials of the toys that should be stored in a particular basket. This will train the child to tidy up and place the appropriate toys in the right basket.

Bathroom supplies

Find pretty baskets to bathroom essentials such as towels and detergents. Keeping them in a basket will reduce the workload of always having to straighten soap bottles or supplies.

A lidded linen basket also comes in handy to keep dirty clothes tucked away in an attractively woven basket.

Shallow tray-like baskets can be used to store and move clean folded clothes to their designated cupboards.


Isn’t it amazing how much effort goes into keeping a bedroom tidy?

Good storage goes a long way in helping the space to stay organised.

Baskets can help a great deal where there are not enough cabinetry and can be placed under the bed to store extra linen as well as under the bedside stand to store books and personal essentials such as keys and wallets.

So why not take a stroll down the curio flee markets like the Maasai Market and select the baskets that come in all shapes, sizes, materials and natural organic dyed colours that will blend with your decor?

You will not only be purchasing to meet your decor needs but the payment is used to employ and feed the families of the weavers who diligently and painstakingly hand-weave every strand.  

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