Standard writer gets online backing over SGR expose

Kenyans on social media especially Twitter have come out in large numbers to stand with Standard Group’s investigative reporter Paul Wafula over Standard Gauge Railway(SGR) expose stories he has been running for the past two weekends.

Using the hashtag #IStandWithWafula, the Kenyans on Twitter(KOT) on Tuesday condemned the Government for what they said bullying and threatening the reporter who is just doing his work by being the voice of the voiceless- the Kenyan workers contracted to work on the SGR.

The reporter has done investigative stories that unearthed the killing of wild animals, Sh1billion monthly expense to run the SGR, racial discrimination, harassment, mistreatment of  local workers, and Chinese workers domination among other claims that have rubbed the SGR managers and contractors China Road and Bridge Company(CRBC) the wrong way.

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This writer was not however, able to establish if indeed the reporter has been threatened over the story.

The expose has caused huge outcry among the public forcing the Kenya Railways to launch independent investigations into the mistreatment claims.

‏ @consumerskenya tweeted: Journalists will not be bullied for telling the truth and being the voice to the voiceless  #IStandWithWafula @JulianWanjiru #IStandWithWafula.

@sinimsafiri tweeted: SGR Cartels trying to silence the voice of the society will not succeed, clean up your mess! @ArnoldNgure  @JoseSosi  @KoffiBarry1 #istandwithwafula.

@rodgerwilly tweeted: Can a Kenyan in China do  what the Chinese are doing to us here in Kenya? we are not a hip of garbage..our people must be respected,   #IStandWithWafula.

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‏@Spazbender posted: So now we are bullying journalists because of exposing the truth? That neocolonialism is happening right under our noses and the big bosses are okay with it as long as they "Kula" A big shame! #Istandwithwafula.

Fellow colleagues from the Standard Group were not left behind in siding with their colleague.

‏ @JulianWanjiru tweeted: Journalists will not be bullied for telling the truth and being the voice to the voiceless  #IStandWithWafula.

Daniel Wesangula tweeted: @WesangulaD tweeted: SGR is powered by 5,000 Chinese. Among these are cooks, self-taught locomotive operators, welders and carpenters. Their upkeep is  part of the Sh1billion a month footed by the Kenyans. #istandwithwafula #SGRSlavery #voiceforthevoiceless.

‏@Mate_Tongola tweeted: Real Journalism doesn't support the government, it questions it #IStandWithWafula.

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