A cool room for a teenage girl

Girl's bedroom decor ideas.
A teenager’s room’s room is their hideout. A place they feel safe and in control.  As teens transition from childhood to adulthood, their space requirements also change in line with their blooming personalities. As you reorganise this space, include the occupant in decision making. There are three major functions in a teen’s room: a sleep area, study area and a place to lounge with their friends.

Lounge area

Factor in a space for teens to host their friends. If space allows, the bedroom can have a lounge area which consists of a two or three-seater sofa.  Include entertainment such as board games and books.  If the bedroom is too small, find an alternative space where her friends can congregate; such as a family room, garage or an attic area. 

Study area

You will need to be creative to make the study area attractive and conducive. Add a reading lamp for those late night assignments.

Include energetic and whimsical colours so the space is vibrant and pleasant.  An inspiring quote, serene picture or a group photo of your daughter with her friends will put a smile on her face. Depending on the level of education, your teen could require a laptop for assignments but make sure the Internet is limited to beneficial content and can be switched off at a set time to avoid all night browsing.

Sleep area

Because teens love to sleep, ensure that the bed is a comfortable yet fun place.  The headboard wall is a great opportunity to include artwork that resonates with the girl’s personality and growing hobbies using wall decor or painting it in bold colours.

Pictorials can include hobby symbols such as dancing or musical symbols. A guitar or a hockey stick can be visual reminder of her need to practice. Don’t be surprised if her childhood teddy makes it to the beds to walk her through the turbulence of teenage.


To conquer the clutter that teens can accumulate, provide plenty of storage for quick tidy ups such as shelves, storage ottomans, under the bed storage and a shoe rack to collect her growing shoe collections. 

Trouser hangers keep trousers and leggings orderly. A dressing table area will be necessary to house her new found jewellery and nailpolish and eye makeup as she explores boundaries on how much lipstick she can get away with to suit her wanna be personality. Let her room be her happy haven.

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