Safaricom, Airtel Kenya lure subscribers with new deals

NAIROBI, KENYA: The battle for Kenya’s phone subscribers is tightening with leading telecommunication companies luring subscribers with packages targeting voice, data, and sms.

Though going by different names, Safaricom’s flex bundles and Airtel’s Smart bundles targets heavy voice, data, and voice users with a promise for more value for money and convenience.

Airtel says its smart bundles introduced in the market on Tuesday offers a great value of up to 30GB of data, 125 hours of calls and 3,000 SMS.

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The plans cater for the increasing demand for blended offerings that meet all the requirements of its customers.

The new smart postpaid plans aimed at heavy data, SMS and voice users offer minutes and SMS that can be used within Airtel and to other networks. The smart postpaid plans enable customers to roll over unused data from the previous month onto the next.

Airtel customers can purchase the smart bundles valid for 30 days from Airtel shops for an affordable price of Sh1,499 and Sh2,999 with a deposit equivalent to one month’s cost of the preferred plan.

The plans are available to individuals, students, heavy social users, entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and corporates.

Airtel Kenya CEO Prasanta Das Sarma said: “We remain committed to stimulating growth and competition in the market through our innovative products and services. Our smart postpaid bundle plans are aimed at offering value for money, convenience and peace of mind to all our customers.”

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Leading mobile operator Safaricom recently stepped grip to the market with the launch of Flex bundles targeting Small and Medium Enterprises.

Flex bundle gives users the freedom to choose how to allocate airtime for calls, SMS or data services. 

According to Safaricom, Flex borrows from the Kenya Power’s token system where after purchasing units, consumer is not limited on where to use; it does not matter whether one use it on electronics, ironing clothes, fridge or normal lighting. No restriction.

The product allows customers to use their airtime to purchase Flex units that can then be used for data, local voice and local SMS using one bundle.

When you buy a FLEX bundle, you get FLEX units which can be used to call, browse or text. This gives one more value than regular airtime.

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There are three types of Flex packs, which can be bought using airtime or M-PESA, for example daily Flex @ Sh 50: 24hr validity, daily Flex @ Sh 99: 24hr validity, Weekly Flex @ Sh 599:  7 day validity, Monthly [email protected] Sh 999: 30 day validity, monthly [email protected] Sh 1499: 30 day validity, and the monthly flex @ Sh 2,499 : 30 day validity.

The Flex package saves subscribers money as individuals get 40 percent value than the regular airtime (or other bundles) when you call, browse or SMS using the flex units and also the flex bundle rewards one with free units everytime you send money using M-Pesa.

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