How to keep your bathroom tidy

Keeping the bathroom, especially a shared one, tidy and orderly can be a huge challenge. The easiest way to keep everything in its place is to include plenty of storage in the design.

You’ve got to have some organising skills or else retrieval of items will be difficult; things may topple out when cabinet doors are opened. 

An organised bathroom is more relaxing, reduces retrieval time and helps keep the bathroom clean.

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The smaller and more awkward the bathroom, the more creative you have to be about storage. For larger bathrooms, you can keep fewer items on counter surfaces for easy cleaning.

Lotions, shampoos and conditioners can be kept in a cabinet. The minimalist approach is a great solution when tackling your personal grooming.

Determine how much is enough so that your bathroom counter does not look like a supermarket counter filled with products you barely use.

A medicine cupboard in a not-so-humid location in the bathroom can provide a lockable space for prescribed drugs.

Get rid of expired products and medication and keep the interiors of the cabinet clean.

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If there are no cabinets in the bathroom, consider buying a small shelf to keep folded towels within reach. Look out for bathroom organisers and caddies to house your flannels and bath-gloves and keep them tidy, but within reach.

Ensure caddies are firmly supported on walls or corners of the bathroom to prevent them from falling off and damaging a sink or bathtub.

To maintain order in the bathroom, learn to return things to their proper place after use. Also do not let things that belong elsewhere accumulate in the bathroom.

A major cleaning once a week will make daily sprucing up quicker and easier, while frequent decluttering will make your overall bathroom management easier and more hygienic.

With most bathrooms being built in neutral colours, one only needs to select one popping colour that helps unite the room decor.

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Towels, robes, flannels and bathroom mats can be purchased in coordinating colours and themes that pop and make your bathroom experience enjoyable.

Add a decorative item to the bathroom’s theme colour such as a pleasant picture, a cactus, or an inspiring quote that will keep you motivated.

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