Truecaller opens regional office in Nairobi

NAIROBI, KENYA: Truecaller, an integrated caller identification company will run its African affairs from Kenya.

The company will be headquatered in Nairobi and chose Kenya probably due to the high number of Truecaller subscribers now at 6 million.

According to Zakaria Abdulkadir, Kenya is TrueCaller’s largest market in Africa and the company will use the Nairobi headquarters to run operations in Nigeria and South Africa, other key markets in the region.

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“Kenya is the top African market for the app, top five globally. 6 million active users are in Kenya, and 4.4million calls are blocked per month. Women report 11 percent more unwanted calls than men.”

From being popularly known as ‘phone number search app’ in 2015 to a ‘mobile identity’ platform in 2018, Truecaller has evolved. India was a key trigger to the company, where it has launched some exclusive offerings like payment integration and offline search.   

On Jan 15, 2018, Truecaller announced that it will be soon launching a backup feature to help people retain their data when switching to a new phone, getting new SIM cards or resetting their device

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