CAK chair warns Kenyans over increasing cybercrime cases

NAIROBI, KENYA: Kenyans have been warned to take extra caution over increased cyber-crime in the country. The chairman of the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) Ngene Gituku has said there was need for Kenyans to take necessary precautions in order to safeguard themselves from the new form of crime.

Mr Gituku however said the authority has launched cyber insecurity response coordination center which will help in monitoring and dealing with actual or any threats caused or posed by cyber criminals.

He said the country currently has 8 million internet users and about close to 40 million Kenyans with mobile phones which had helped in enhancing the crime.

"Cybercrime is real and has become one of the most lucrative business ventures around which should be stopped," said Mr Gituku.

The CAK chairman made the remarks at Kenyatta University main campus where he was the chief guest during the launch of the new university website and mobile application.

He challenged universities to embrace the use of ICT, research and enhance innovations in order to make the realisation of vision 2030 a reality.

Kenyatta University online communications manager Dr Reuben Njuguna said the new website and mobile app will help in easing access and provide open source of information to the students, faculty and staff.

In order to access any information from the website, the university community will be required to download the app in their mobile phone.

The information will be accessible using any devices among them the desktop, laptops, tabs and mobile phones.

The website will among other things have information touching on academics, research, events and careers. It will also have portfolio of all professors and lecturers in all colleges in the university.

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