Biometric registration of public servants kicks off

The Transition Authority has assured public servants that the Capacity Assessment and Rationalisation of Public Service exercise under the national and county governments would not lead to retrenchment.

Speaking yesterday when the exercise kicked off in Nakuru County, TA Commissioner Simon Pkiyach said the exercise would facilitate the transformation of public service for efficient service delivery.

“The exercise will be done in two parts: biometric capture of all workers and actual workload analysis. A report will be prepared at the end of the excise to show the structures of public service and service delivery,” Mr Pkiyach said.

Pkiyach said it was a key mandate of TA to advise the national and county governments how to deal with public servants.

He said the first phase that began yesterday will end on October 5 in 23 counties while the next will end on October 10 in the remaining counties.


“It is not the objective of the programme to sack or retrench public servants but ensure that the details of public employees are captured correctly,” he said.

The exercise kicked off on a high note with workers attached to the Nakuru County Assembly and Ministry of Trade being registered at Old Town Hall.

Pkiyach added that after the biometric capture of all workers’ details, the workload analysis would be done to assess workload and structures in county and national governments.

“The workload analysis will establish what work public employees are supposed to do and analyse their output. At the end of the exercise we will come up with structures for national and county governments,” he added.


Among the documents required for the programme are a national ID, letter of appointment to service, letter of appointment to current post, academic and professional certificates, and birth certificate.

Pkiyach however noted that workers who had lost their appointment letters would be expected to present certified copies from the human resource department to be allowed to register.

He called on all workers to participate in the exercise.

Public Service Commission’s Patrick Gichohi said the exercise would ensure efficient and effective delivery in the public service and urged workers to support it.

“The exercise will enable the Government establish the capacity of all employees and have accurate data of all public servants,” he said.

Early this month, President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the biometric registration of public servants, which seeks to document employees in national and county governments to weed out ghost workers.

This followed a revelation that the Government was spending too much on wages without corresponding output.

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