In Kisumu, dead voters ‘showed up’ at the polls

By Standard reporter

Reports say Nyanza Province experienced cases of massive rigging in presidential elections during the 2007 General Election.

The rigging ranged from deceased voters casting their votes, polling station staff colluding with agents to mark ballot papers of those who did not turn up to vote and illiterate people being guided to vote for a certain presidential candidate, among others forms of irregularities.

It is alleged PNU agents were chased away from polling stations while others failed to report at the stations for fear of their lives.

According to the Kriegler Report, six constituencies recorded more than 94 per cent voter turn out during the elections.

Bondo, the Prime Minister’s home and Kisumu Rural constituencies had a record 102 per cent voter turn out. Karachuonyo had 94 per cent, Rangwe 93, Nyatike 95 and Mbita 95 per cent.

Mr Benjamin Tolo who was a PNU point man in the province and a parliamentary candidate for Kisumu Town East said election irregularities were rampant in the area.

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Bribery claims

Kriegler report further revealed that 1.2 million dead registered voters cast their votes in the region.

"In some areas voter turnout was 100 per cent, this clearly suggesting ballot stuffing, which requires collusion between polling station staff and agents," said the report in part.

In Kisumu Town East at Migosi polling station, it is alleged an official of the defunct ECK was given a bribe of Sh15,000 to facilitate marking of ballot papers of people who failed to turn up, including dead ones.

"The station had low voter turnout and something had to be done," said a source who witnessed the electoral scandal.

Investigation revealed that at Siaya County Council polling station those who streamed in as early as 6am were allowed to cast their ballots without voters card and national IDs as required by the law.

In another station, it is alleged officials marked ballots for voters who did not show up. "I was late and an ODM agent called me to inform me he has already voted on my behalf," says a resident who sought anonymity.

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