Five reasons why an Airtel line will save you money this year

Airtel is a brand that many Millennials and Gen Z’s have grown up with and love because of its affordable products, brand equity, and flexibility when it comes to change. Over the years, Airtel has adapted to the changing economic environment and continues to create convenient and pocket-friendly products.

 Some of the products Airtel customers get to enjoy are:

 1) Affordable transfer costs from  Bank to Airtel Money

 Transferring money from your bank account to your mobile can be expensive, but Airtel Money has made it affordable and effortless for Kenyans.

 To enjoy this product, make sure your Airtel account is set up for mobile banking by dialling *334# and following the prompts to set up your airtel money account.

 2) Pocket-friendly data bundles

 Airtel is committed to offering affordable data bundles with long shelf life.

Once you dial *544#, you get an option to choose from a variety of affordable data bundle packages.

 From personal experience, a Sh20 bundle, which gives you 200 Mbs plus free WhatsApp, lasts about three hours even with constant internet use.

 Airtel also has a one-hour bundle at a reduced cost of Sh15, which is enough to attend  a 1-hour online meeting on data-intensive apps like Skype and Microsoft Teams.

 3) Free payment of electricity and utility bills

 Airtel Money allows you to pay electricity bills without any transaction costs. With these harsh economic times, everyone wants to save a coin, even when paying for utilities.

 With Airtel Money, there is absolutely no transaction cost involved when you use your mobile money account to pay for electricity. That does not change the fact that electricity prices have hiked outrageously in the last few months, but it does offer some relief to the users of the Airtel Money service. This service is available by dialling *334# on mobile. You can also pay more bills, such as water bills and DSTV or Zuku bills, via the app free of charge.

 4) Affordable talking rates

 With Airtel, you are guaranteed to find offers that make it easier to keep in touch with your loved ones through phone calls or text messages. This is made possible by Tubonge, a voice subscription service targeting Kenyans from all walks of life that rely on making calls as their preferred mode of communication.

 There are 3 Tubonge offers:

 - A 48hr offer for Ksh 20

- A weekly offer of Ksh 60

- Monthly offer that goes for Ksh 200.

 Tubonge Bundles

 Subscription Fees    Airtel to Airtel                To other Networks

Ksh 20     48Hrs          Bila Charges                    Ksh 2.78*

Ksh 60      7 Days        Bila Charges                    Ksh 2.78*

Ksh 200    30 Days     Bila Charges                    Ksh 2.78*

 Tubonge subscription allows you to make Airtel to Airtel at no extra charge and a preferential rate of 2.78 shillings per minute to call other networks. All Tubonge offers come with 100 minutes for Airtel to Airtel daily calls. This gives you a total of 3000 minutes per month, 700 minutes a week, and 200 minutes for 2 days to make Airtel-to-Airtel calls.

 Further, there are Tubonge ALLNET bundles that allow you to make calls to other networks at a rate of 1 Bob per minute:

 Subscription fees     Airtel to Airtel                                    To other networks (Allnet)

Ksh 20     24Hrs          50 mins Free                                       20 mins

Ksh 100    7 days        50 mins daily                                       100 mins

Ksh 300     30 days     50 mins daily                                       300 mins

To opt-in on the new offer, dial *544#, select tubonge and follow the prompts to choose from the various categories for daily, weekly, or monthly offers.

 5) Reduced cash withdrawal charge

 Most Kenyans prefer using mobile money over cash simply because withdrawing cash has become expensive. With Airtel money, you save KES 5 when you withdraw KES 1000 at KES 23 and KES500 at KES 22 compared to other players in the market.  

 In recent years, Airtel has also improved the availability of its agents and mobilised businesses to sign up, making it an accessible way to withdraw your money.

 Airtel has committed itself to make your life easier. It is wise to join Airtel and enjoy the many affordable services.