Why ATM cards are the best way to access your money this Christmas holiday


Debit cards remain a favourite among Kenyans today according to Adyen.com; 22% of the Kenyan population use debit or credit cards to make payments, making the card penetration rate higher than in other East African countries.

During the Covid pandemic, more people embraced the importance of having alternative ways to access their money and make payments, making debit cards a new favourite with shoppers.

Kenyan banks like Co-op Bank have made it their mission to enable their customers to access their bank accounts as they travel, shop, eat out, and spend time with family.

ATM card users can relax knowing they will be able to access their bank accounts and transact anytime anywhere even if they travel outside Kenya without having to withdraw cash.

During the Christmas holidays, a lot of money spent on gifts, trips, and food is not budgeted for. Many are whisked away by the merry cheer and are tempted to impulse buy.

ATM cards unlike mobile money or cash could stand between you and a very difficult and long 'Njaaanuary'.

3 reasons why you should use your Co-op Bank ATM cards this Christmas season.

1) They are easy to use.

Co-op Bank ATM cards are widely accepted as a cash alternative and are used to make purchases in supermarkets, restaurants, and stores. They are very convenient as one does not need to queue to get cash, saving so much time.

Co-op Bank's ATM cards are accepted countrywide and the bank does not charge when making payments. The only amount which is deducted from your account is the cost of the item you are paying for.

2) Using them guarantees safety.

Using an ATM card makes it hard for anyone without a unique PIN to get a hold of your money. Each card has a tiny chip embedded to make the card virtually impossible to copy. If your card is lost, inform the bank as soon as possible so that they can block the account.

Banks such as Co-operative Bank assure their users of 24-hour safety for their money. Remember not to share your PIN with anyone.

3) Using ATM cards saves money.

With Co-op Bank ATM cards, it has become quick and easy to not only access your money but also manage it. One big headache Kenyans face is the transaction fees demanded by mobile money transfer apps, a problem easily solved by using Co-op Bank ATM cards, which do not charge any extra transaction costs.

Besides saving money, banks such as Cooperative Bank allow you to access bank statements which give you insight into how your money is being spent.

  1. Get exclusive deals

Everyone loves a good deal. The best news is that many stores have partnered with banks to offer exclusive offers for customers making payments using ATM cards.

You can get big discounts simply by using your own money. A great way to get these offers is by asking the supermarket, shop, salon, spa, or petrol station if they have any offers before you make a payment. You will be surprised at the answer you get.