Iraq arrests 40 suspects in operation against human, drug trafficking rings


When Iraqi government officials destroyed nearly six tonnes of drugs, some of which had been in storage for several years, in Baghdad's Nahrawan area. [AFP] 

Iraqi security forces have dismantled two international rings engaged in human and drug trafficking and arrested 40 foreigners across the country, Iraqi media reported on Saturday.

The Iraqi National Intelligence Service, in collaboration with the Interior Ministry, arrested 40 foreigners suspected of being involved in crimes of kidnapping, extortion, forgery, as well as human and drug trafficking, according to a statement from the Security Media Cell, a media outlet affiliated with the Iraqi Joint Operations Command.

Security forces arrested the suspects in Baghdad and several other Iraqi provinces based on intelligence reports, the statement read, without specifying the nationalities of the detainees and the exact locations of their operations, aside from mentioning Baghdad.

The statement noted that the majority of the victims targeted by these two rings were foreigners residing in Iraq.