Bishop asks TSC to revoke principal's transfer in dispute with school board

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) has waged a war with the Board of Management of Ogande Girls High School in Homa Bay County over the transfer of the school Chief Principal Jenipher Otolo.

The ACK Bishop of Southern Nyanza Diocese, Simon Onyango, has differed with the school board of management in recommending Ms Otolo’s transfer.

Ms Otolo was moved to Mudavadi Girls High School in Vihiga County.

But in his letter to Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Secretary Nancy Macharia, Rev Onyango argued that Ms Otolo’s transfer was done without the requisite and due consultation with the ACK, which is the school sponsor.

He argued that the alleged request by the school Board of Management to the TSC to transfer Ms Otolo was not discussed by the board.

“The purported request by the board of management of the school to have her transferred was never discussed by the Board of Management in any meeting. The resolution is therefore null and void,” Rev Onyango wrote.

He argued that the proposed replacement of Ms Otolo would lead to a situation in which the school may have a principal who subscribes to a different faith.

He expressed worry that the new principal may lead the school towards a direction they are not sure of.

“Her proposed replacement prescribes to a different faith, and the church having not been consulted, may not be sure of the religious tradition and direction she may take the school to,” the letter read in part.

Rev Onyango appealed to the TSC to revoke Ms Otolo’s transfer.

“We therefore request that the transfer be revoked immediately and the status quo maintained,” he wrote.

In what signifies battles between the church and the school Board of Management leadership, Bishop Onyango requested the school BoM chairman be ousted. After the ouster, the Bishop should take over the leadership as the BoM chairman.

“I seek your support to have the chair of the board replaced by the Diocesan Bishop and the status quo maintained,” Rev Onyango added.

The Bishop also wants the TSC to consult the ACK church as the sponsor whenever it is making changes in the school management.

He mentioned that the principal should not have been transferred because she was overseeing the construction of a multimillion-shilling Ida Odinga library and resource centre.

"She has done a commendable job in the school to the satisfaction of the stakeholders. She is currently overseeing the completion of the multimillion-shilling Ida Odinga library sponsored by her Excellency Oda Odinga," Onyango noted.