Multitalented 'Njugush' stars in LemFi's 'The Ruracio'

A scene from "The Ruracio"

LemFi is a mobile app that provides Kenyans and other Africans in the Diaspora with a seamless and efficient way to send money back home. The app is available for download from the iOS & Google Play Store in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Within minutes of signing up, Kenyans in these countries can send money directly to M-PESA, Mobile Money and Bank Accounts at the best exchange rates—all at zero transfer fees.

To service the over 500,000 Kenyans in the diaspora, LemFi has partnered with Wapi Pay; a world-class financial technology solutions company based in Kenya and operating across multiple countries.

Remittances bring invaluable support to Kenyans back home in the most crucial moments in their lives! With the ability to seamlessly receive money across borders and currencies, Wapi Pay stands as a beacon of efficiency. Our cutting-edge technology, coupled with full licensing from the Central Bank of Kenya and Bank of Uganda, empowers us to exchange foreign currency and facilitate global money transfers. Embrace the future of financial ease through our partnership with LemFi, embodying our commitment—‘Where in the World do you Pay’—for all Africans in the Diaspora.

In addition to this partnership, LemFi is excited to present renowned Kenyan comedian Blessed Njugush in a captivating ad titled “The Ruracio”.

The ad showcases Njugush’s comedic brilliance as a laid-back yet clever dowry councilman. Audiences in Kenya and beyond are treated to his humorous antics while attempting to quell a brewing chaos.

Watch the video to see what happens:

Speaking on the ad, Kakea Mbacha, LemFi’s Kenya Country Manager, had this to say: “Njugush’s immense talent and ability to connect with people through laughter aligns perfectly with our brand’s mission to bring joy and ease to international payments to our valued customers”.

“Whatever your equivalent of Wangari’s Ruracio is, whether it’s for Mum’s 55th birthday or your god baby’s graduation ceremony. Like Aunty Monica, we certainly hope that with LemFi, you can be home your way,” Ayoola Salako, Marketing Lead at LemFi, adds.

The user-friendly mobile app is available for download on the iOS and the Google Play Stores.

Customers in the United Kingdom or Canada who sign up with the referral code NJUGUSH will get £10 or C$10 cashback bonus when they send 100 or more on their first transfer to Kenya. Equivalently, United States Customers will get a $30 cashback bonus on their first transaction above $250 to Kenya.

Join us as we build the next generation of international payments for everyone.

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