Corrupt public officials will be sacked, says PS Omollo

Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo.[Photo, Ministry of Interior and National Admiistration]

Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo has reiterated the government’s resolve to fight corruption among police officers.

Omollo, who spoke during a re-orientation training forum for security officers in Nairobi on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, said: “The vice will not be tolerated. Your jobs are pegged on your ability to be incorruptible. Take note that corruption is not a choice for public officers.”

The PS called on government officials to align with the country’s legal and regulatory framework on governance, financial management, and reporting.

As the government plans to transform the National Government Administration Officials (NGAOs) across the country, Omollo urged the officers to provide requisite leadership during the rollout of the orientation programme.

He further said that the government will equip security officers with the tools and skills required to enhance the services they provide services to citizens.

Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service, Felix Koskei, on Friday, September 29, 2023, at Kenya School of Government Lower Kabete, in Kiambu County, when he addressed a meeting of senior police officers. He called for zero tolerance for corruption. [Edward Kiplimo, Standard]

 “We have organized a re-training to ensure every interaction our National Government Administrative Officers (NGAOs) officers will have with mwananchi is marked by timeliness, credible information, and a genuine understanding of the needs and concerns of the respective jurisdiction,” he added. 

Mr Omollo also urged government officials to conduct regular public participation about national government projects and programmes to ensure transparency and accountability. 

In a previous meeting with the NGAOs, the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service Felix Koskei also called on the officers to take a leading role in the fight against corruption.

“We are telling them (NGAOs) to take charge. We need to weed out those people who tarnish the government reputation by extorting, making documents disappear, and demanding money for government services,” Koskei said in a meeting with security officers on September 15.

Koskei regretted that corruption had become a norm in the security sector, saying: “It is no secret that corruption has been normalized to the extent that public servants factor what they will 'eat' within the budget for public projects and programmes.”