More arrested in search for gun that killed officer

A screengrab of David Mayaka's car at the crime scene after he was shot dead.

The search for a pistol that was used to kill Makadara DCI officer David Mayaka continues, days after police arrested the man believed to be the prime suspect in the killing.

For the last two days, investigators from the Nairobi area Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau (Crib) have been combing Kayole area in search of the weapon.

On Wednesday night, the investigators raided a house in Matopeni area of Kayole but did not find the owner of the house, who is said to be in possession of the firearm.

In Kware estate in Embakasi, police arrested a man said to be a former Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officer. The man was spotted riding a motorbike with number plates concealed with a piece of cloth.

After searching his house in Utawala, police recovered a gun and bullets, a pair of handcuffs, and military uniform. On the same night, another man was arrested at his house in Lindi, Kibera, and a pistol recovered.

Police said the recovered pistol was robbed from a civilian firearm holder in Kilimani in March this year.

The police are, however, yet to recover the weapon used in the Kayole kiling. On Tuesday, the investigators arrested a 23-year-old man said to have been riding the motorbike that was used in the shooting of the DCI officer.

A spotlight mounted on the getaway motorbike led detectives to Kiambu where the suspect was arrested.

Detectives familiar with the investigations said that after studying CCTV footage from the neighbourhood, police were able to pick the motorbike's details and the unique light mounted on it. The suspect was driven to Matopeni area in Kayole where police recovered the motorbike.

Detectives said it was recovered in a chicken coop, while the spotlight had been buried under the coop. 

The suspect led police to another house where they arrested the caretaker of a building who allegedly helped the suspect to hide the motorbike.

DCI boss Mohammed Amin in a message posted on the DCI Twitter page said after the arrest: “Earlier, the detectives had impounded the motorbike used by the thugs on the fateful night, a red Boxer registration number KMGJ 350V. This is after conducting thorough forensic investigations that placed the suspect and his accomplices at the scene of the incident, at the exact time of the murder." 

Police are however yet to recover the pistol used in the shooting.