How motorcycle lights led police to murder suspect

The motorbike had been hidden in a chicken house, while the spotlight was buried under the coop.

The man also led the police to another house where the caretaker suspected to have helped the suspect was arrested.

Police are, however, yet to recover the pistol used in the shooting.

DCI boss Mohammed Amin, in a message posted on the DCI twitter handle, identified the motorbike as a red Boxer registration number KMGJ 350V.

"This is after conducting thorough forensic investigations that placed the suspect and his accomplices at the scene of the incident, at the exact time of the murder," he tweeted.

On Saturday night, six suspects who were in constant communication with the one arrested yesterday were held in Kayole.

They have since been presented in a Nairobi court, where the police sought more time to hold them as they conclude investigation.

According to the CCTV footage, at around 10.30pm, Mayaka had stopped along St Michael Boston Road in Mihang'o, Kayole, to change his car tyre when he was ambushed by armed thugs.

The incident was reported at the Mihang'o Police Station in Njiiru Sub-County by a resident and a boda boda rider.

A police report said: "On a close assessment the victim had visible gunshot wounds at the abdomen while the lady had a gunshot injury at the left thigh."

From the footage, Mayaka is seen with his wife when one motorcycle, whose number plate is folded, approaches their car and stops behind it.

Three men confronts the couple. Three gunshots are heard and the wife is seen running away screaming: "Help me! They have shot him!" She frantically pleads for help from the residents and passersby.

It took about 30 seconds before the first form of help came in.

When the police arrived, they found Mayaka writhing in pain as he lay helplessly beside his car.

The two were immediately taken to the Modern Komarock Hospital, Kayole, before being referred to the Nairobi West Hospital where Mayaka died while receiving treatment.

At the crime scene, three spent cartridges and a bullet head were recovered.