Gachagua tickles crowd as he delivers hilarious speech at State concert

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. [DPCS]

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua was the man of the hour during a State concert on Friday, June 2, after he left the audience in stitches with his speech.

Gachagua would for the next fifteen minutes after taking to the podium 'entertain' the crowd, including his boss, President William Ruto, during the second National Drama and Film Festival State concert.

He would between giggles joke that since assuming office last year, this was the first time he and the president had had a day of relaxation, out of their ever-busy schedule.

"I must confess that since President Ruto and I ascended to the high office, we have never had such a beautiful moment of relaxing, enjoying, and sampling the best from our creative young people," said the DP.

He joked that the Head of State should not mention or make remarks on the country's economy and cost of living, but let them enjoy the entertainment from the students.

"Please Mr. President, allow me to rest today. You can go back to fixing the economy on your own because you have made us suffer," he said, sending the crowd into laughter.

The DP added that when he was picked as Ruto's presidential running mate he had no idea how much the role would change his life.

"The president never disclosed to me that once we get to office our lives will change. Some of us have had to become 'economists' when we are dramatists."

As if not enough, he humorously told the event organisers to invite him as a judge at the next festival, saying he would be fair since he was a trained and qualified adjudicator.

"I am a truthful judge who will not play around the corners...we can agree on the fees," said Gachagua

He suggested that the students diversify their performances and expand them to include current issues such as the Finance Bill.

Before concluding his speech, the deputy president likened a play by Riara School to the government's opposers, saying it should be directed to them so they can stop living in denial.

"The play of the day 'The I's have it' by Riara was a masterpiece. People must stop living in denial, accept reality and learn how to move on," he would end by saying, attracting cheers and applause.