Kenya seeks to enhance trade with the Netherlands

Kenya and The Netherlands will continue working closely in order to enhance trade ties and improve the lives of citizens of both countries.

Speaking during the celebrations of Kings Day at the embassy of the Netherlands, the Director General of Bilateral & Political Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign and diaspora affairs Ambassador George Orina, noted that the Netherlands had grown to become the third largest market for Kenyan products and the fourth largest foreign investor in the country.

King's Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands which is Celebrated on April 27 and marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander.

Ambassador Orina noted that there are over one hundred Dutch companies in the country, which is an indicator of the confidence that the Dutch government has in the country's political and economic system.

On his part, the Netherlands Ambassador to Kenya Maarten Brouwer said that the two countries have had close ties for over 5 decades, with the Netherlands providing support to Kenyans in the field of health, energy, education, logistics, climate and Agriculture.

The two countries are in the process of implementing a proposal known as cool logistics corridor, a project which will see Kenyan fresh produce transported to the Netherlands by sea, in a bid to reduce pollution and embrace sustainable energy solutions.

With Kenya seeking to achieve 100% green energy use by the year 2030, Ambassador Orina said that the country was seeking to learn and implement good practices from the Netherlands since it is one of the most advanced countries in Europe as far as implementation of green energy including solar and wind power is concerned.

Ambassador Maarten further called on the inclusion in all areas including political, economic and sexuality, insisting that lack of inclusion leads to low trust which breed conflict.

He said that President William Ruto is set to visit The Netherlands with an aim of deepening ties between Kenya and The Netherlands.