Shopping for a high-end smartphone? Here's what you should look out for

One out of every two Kenyans, one owns a smartphone. [iStocphoto]

This is turning out to be an exciting year for smartphone lovers in the country and worldwide.

Devices are sleeker, faster and solid in performance and - better yet – pack a great camera quality, leaving consumers spoilt for choice.

Kenyans are the region’s leaders in the adoption of technology. One out of every two Kenyans now owns a smartphone, according to industry data. 

Of all the phone ranges, the interesting one is the high-end flagship segment that allows consumers to fully experience technological and engineering marvels built into a device fitting in their pocket.

One also gets to experience environmental sustainability being combined with tech. Take for example the recently released Tecno Phantom X2 series. 

Each eco-friendly edition features a microfiber back cover containing 14.4 per cent recycled material mostly plastics.

No doubt, high-end phones are pricey ranging between Sh50,000 to Sh200,000 depending on their brand. The cost factors in their groundbreaking features, technology and workhorses that last for years.

To make the most of your money and investment, we highlight some of the features that define a high-end flagship smartphone.


Camera quality has become one of the most sought-after features of a phone by consumers. And it’s not about whether one is a pro-photographer or content creator, consumers want to document their life experiences and best moments in the sharpest way possible.

The high-end is the most competitive segment when it comes to camera quality, pixelation and shooting in low-light conditions.

Nowadays, smartphones contain an innovative lens that empowers users to capture portraits comparable to professional camera shots with just a pocket-sized device.

Long-lasting battery

To deliver a solid daily performance, a smartphone needs to be well-powered throughout.

Most consumers want to charge their devices once a day and not worry about their phones dying on them. It’s not pleasant to be always on the lookout for charging ports or carrying a heavy power bank everywhere.

The battery capacity is an important consideration here with phones ranging between 3,500 mAh to 5,160 mAh battery. And eventually, such a phone needs charging, and sometimes one may be in a hurry.  A quick boost flash charging helps users to get through their important meetings or finish their favourite movie.

Fast processor

For smooth performance even with heavy use and multitasking, a phone needs the best processor in the market.

Faster processors are a common trait in high-end phones and this is a factor which drives up their cost. Consumers are in the market for great performance to enhance business, entertainment and everyday use.

PC-level memory

In the luxury phone segment, devices match many models of laptops and tablet computers. The RAM (Random Access Memory) stores the phone’s operating system, apps and data.

A huge memory also ensures users can play their favourite games and run heavy-duty apps simultaneously without crashing and also share videos and large files at high speeds.

Business phone

Business executives tend to prefer high-end phones that can also be turned into a mini-workstation.

A crystal-clear resolution is a hallmark for this discerning consumer as smartphones are more than about communicating but also delivering superb visual quality for media and entertainment.

For instance, luxury phones have an updated master of language translation tool with photo and document translation, and a smart panel with real-time subtitling and a smart scanner with document signing.